Our Story

With the rise of commercial Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the values of traditional martial arts are increasingly being sidelined to make room for the growth of martial arts as a combat sport. Transcendence MMA was born when local martial arts aficionado Terence Cheah believed that students could benefit from learning martial arts in an environment that placed emphasis not only on the competitive aspect, but the values, culture and tradition that martial arts bring. Terence decided that the way to do this was to re-introduce martial arts that are stemmed heavily in tradition to the modern MMA gym, where students are able to experience the best of both worlds..

At Transcendence, students are encouraged to embrace the core values of Perseverance, Discipline and Courage in order to transcend personal barriers and reach their goals. Dedicated instructors strive to impart these values through their commitment to each student’s growth, and the gym prides itself in providing quality instruction with Head Instructors who are at the top of their field. Inline with Transcendence’s return to tradition, Transcendence instructors are encouraged to keep learning and expanding their knowledge, and it is a common sight to see instructors joining classes across disciplines.

Transcendence thus seeks to cultivate a new generation of martial artists, athletes and fitness students who are holistic in their approach to learning and practicing their chosen arts and have deeper understanding and appreciation for it. As such, the Transcendence motto “Rise Above” seeks to challenge its students to achieve greater heights in their pursuit of health, fitness, knowledge and skill.

Our Mission

We strive to provide martial arts instruction of the highest quality in a safe and positive learning environment for students of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels, to fulfill objectives of self-improvement, both mentally and physically. With specialized instruction from senior and experienced coaches, we offer a variety of classes throughout the week.

Our Motto

Our motto “Rise Above” seeks to motivate and challenge our students to embrace both mental and physical challenges, attaining new levels of personal growth.

Our Logo

The triangle with its point on top symbolises the uphill quest in stretching our limits and transcending our boundaries.

The 3 lines of the triangle represent the tools we require to rise above our challenges : Our 3 core values of Perseverance, Courage and Discipline.

The Enso is a circle that is drawn in one uninhibited brushstroke to express freedom in the unity of mind and body. A symbol of enlightenment, simplicity and strength, our Enso depicts the never-ending learning of a martial artist and once the end is reached, one is returned to one’s beginnings.

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