Here’s how our Cashback works -

Everytime you get a friend to come down (please inform the instructor so we capture that attendance):

  • Their trial is FREE, on US! So it’s easier to convince your friend to try something that will change his/her life!
  • And if that friend signs a package with us…… YOU GET 40% CashBack of that value!
    • Not 10%, not 15%, not 20%, not 30%, BUT 40%!!! (Give us 1 to 2 weeks to process)
    • Only valid for the initial/first sign up!
  • So the more friends you bring down and the more who sign up, the MORE Cashback YOU GET! NOT package credit, NOT vouchers, but actual CASH!

We believe that good things should be shared and the benefits of Martial Arts training is far beyond any other routine or regimen. So as a way to spread the goodness of Martial Arts, we want to use YOU as our ambassadors, and ensure that you get rewarded too!