We offer trial class at $20 (one time only), which will be deducted from your package cost IF you sign during the class itself.

To attend a class simply look at our schedule and drop by about 10 mins earlier. Introduce yourself to the instructor (you will know) and you’ll be good to go!

Do like our Facebook page TMMA to keep updated in case we are closed due to events or earthquake.

Depending on the slot times, our classes are between 60 mins to 90 mins.

Our training hall is 18m x 10m.

There are toilets with attached showers and cubby-holes for storage of your belongings while you train. Water is provided through a water cooler.

It all depends on what and how serious your injury/condition is. We recommend that you check with your doctor before you embark on any fitness regime. Our instructors are also here to discuss about your thoughts and fears, however advice from your doctor should take precedence.

Some students have the misconception that they need to be fit before joining our classes.

Our classes are structured to cater to all fitness levels and should be used to advance your fitness goals.

Many of our students join our classes precisely because they are looking for a fun way to get fit, relieve stress and learn realistic self-defence.

A lot of our satisfaction comes from seeing students attain new fitness goals through consistent training.

While you don’t have to be fit to join our classes, please consult your doctor prior to training if you have any existing conditions.

For striking classes, regular active wear such as tee shirt and shorts/tights are suitable.

For grappling classes, wear a rash guard (or a fitted tee-shirt) and tights/board shorts (or any pair of shorts that can’t be pulled off easily).

You can also bring a water bottle and small towel. If you plan on taking a shower, please bring your bath towel.

Although majority of our gym demographics are made up of students who train for fitness and self defence, we do have a small competition team that is given the best knowledge and training from our instructors who are all experienced and one of the most senior in their respective fields.

We are located at No. 23 Lorong 29 Geylang at level 5. It is a short walk away from Aljunied MRT station. http://transcendencemma.com/contact/

We have several Martial Arts although the frequencies of training may differ. http://transcendencemma.com/the-arts/

Our instructors believe firmly in building a strong foundation in whichever martial art he/she teaches. Each student’s growth in both fitness and technique is of extreme importance, and our instructors are dedicated to supporting students in reaching their goals.

We also offer both Traditional and Popular Arts under one roof. We believe that with the rise of commercial Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the values of traditional martial arts are increasingly being sidelined to make room for the growth of martial arts as a combat sport. Transcendence Mixed Martial Arts seeks to infuse traditional martial art values of discipline, perseverance, and courage with mainstream martial arts techniques, creating well-rounded students and a versatile combat sports team.

You can read more about us here http://transcendencemma.com/about/

You can also read the blog of our Chief Instructor for more clues: thingsthatconcernme.blog

We are seeing an increase in the number of women in our classes. Learning Martial Arts is a great way to meet your fitness goal, learn a form of self-defence and increase your self-confidence. We see many of our female members reaping the benefits of consistent training.

As there is no requirement for bookings before attending a class (this is to make life a little easier in an already complicated life), our class size varies. There is really no specific pattern. Although we are pretty sure hardly anyone will come for our morning 3.00am classes (that is why we don’t have them). But rest assured, whether the class size is 2 students or 12 students, our Instructors are there to give you the best benefit of your time invested with us.

We understand that there are some who are already professional ninja status and a world champion. However, for the safety of our Instructors and the management of the shock and awe of all our other students, we ask that you join only our “Fundamentals” class for the moment.